How to lead through digital disruption
The most comprehensive leadership program for senior managers already in spring 2021! 
No matter if you are the IT department Director, HR Manager, or the Chief Financial Officer: you are functioning in an exponentially changing workplace, and your employees are your most important resource.  Leaders have to stand for their people and relearn how to cooperate effectively in a disrupteddistributed, and hybrid work environment. Digital Transformation is a complex process and a tough challenge, which requires not only a strong business strategy but also a wide range of people skills.
For whom is this program?
Experienced senior managers who are pursuing mature and wise leadership, and are eager both to benefit form other leaders experience and to share their own lessons learned.
Why should you attend?
We will provide you with a holistic perspective on leadership from the 3 points of view:
Key Benefits
Being introduced to tools and methods that help a leader manage tough emotions and conflicts
Awareness of a range of skills and attitudes that support a leader during transformation process
Better managed tasks and reconstructed cooperation in a hybrid/remote way of working
Redesigning own leadership identity
Having tools for transforming values such as empathy, transparency, trust in real functioning style of cooperation within company
This program includes 6 exhaustive modules that responds to main challenges which comes with leadership in disruptive times
Changes always bring strong emotions and lay bare our insecurities. We have to accept that emotions are a human thing, and we have to acknowledge, embrace, and manage them. Poorly managed emotions are a huge obstacle to implementing suitable solutions. Emotional intelligence is one of the key skills that future leaders will have to develop.
Founder at SelfHackathon, M.A Psych, PhD. Experimental social psychologist by training, science and its application
As an expert on the complexity, nonlinearity and messiness of the human nature, Patrycja lectures globally and works with some of the most exciting and disruptive startups and organizations in the world helping them hack, rewire and upgrade.

Before you will lead your team into the new direction, you have to recognize where you are, as a leader, in this whole new reality. When you redefine your role and identity as a leader, only then you will be able to lead and influence others.
HR Expert, Founder of HATCH Analytics. Speaker, Author, Behavioural Nerd & Status Quo Challenger Inspiring and Guiding Businesses Through Change

Monica brings to the table a vast knowledge of navigating and communicating organisational change. An international speaker and presenter, she is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and has appeared on BBC Worldwide as an authority on workplace strategy.

Hybrid / Remote way of working brings new challenges. We have to relearn how to integrate our personal and professional lives. As a manager you have to look on your own habits and biases that trigger in you the need of control others, instead of inspiring effective cooperation and preserving high energy levels of your team.
Behavioural Scientist | Choice Architect | Sensemaker
Julia Kolodko, PhD is an adviser in the field of behavioral science. Having worked in marketing in Poland and Italy for almost ten years, she specializes in applying behavioral insights and methodologies in business.
A sudden shift to remote work and hybrid, as well as virtual team management, resulting from the obvious circumstances, makes learning best practices more important than ever. How do large organizations, which have been relying on remote work for years, do it? What specific organizational solutions do they introduce? What works in reality, and what works only on paper? Which from the seemingly great solutions can lead to trouble? What kind of long-term effects do we need to watch for?
dariusz jemielniak
Management of Open Cooperation Organizations Expert, Faculty at Harvard University & Koźmiński University, Wikimedia Foundation Trustee, InstaLing Founder

Dariusz Jemielniak is a full professor of management, the head of the Center for Research on Organizations and Workplaces (CROW), and a founder of New Research on Digital Societies (NeRDS) group 
at Kozminski University. But also a faculty associate Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society, 
at Harvard Universityaccelerating the realization 
of human potential.

Exponential changes require fast and innovative mindset. People who are adapt more efficiently are those who can attentively observe what is happening around them and use these changes as an opportunity for growth.
Founder and Chief Science Officer, Professor of Cognitive Science and Innovation at the University of Vienna
As a chief scientific officer at the Living Core, he brings leading-edge research directly to the clients and has many years of international experience in consulting projects. In his research, Markus is driven by the question as to how novelty and innovation come into the world.
Well-established workplace culture is an amazing tool supporting the process of digital transformations. It highlights the role-model of a leader and promotes values such as trust, empathy, transparency, cooperation and openness.
Expert in Organizational Culture & Structure, Strategic Advisor, CHRO/CPO, Business Leader, HR Executive

She is an experienced and well recognized business leader and HR executive with over 20 years of experience. Grażyna is a member of non-executive and advisory boards of leading technology, logistic and services companies (Grupa Pracuj, InPost/Grupa S.A., Nais, Digital University). She also advises to number of start-ups and e-commerce companies

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